"Erica, you have truly changed my life for the better. Without you, I'd still be trapped in the horrible dieting world and convinced that I was the one failing. But you showed me the light and gave me a much happier life. I can never thank you enough for all your help and guidance! You are changing lives for the better and I'm so grateful that you changed mine."

"My biggest piece of advice for anyone on their journey is: Be proud of yourself. You've taken a big step towards a brighter future, and that took an incredible amount of strength. This process will be difficult at times, but so very rewarding. You are so deserving of a beautiful and happy life."

"I've learned so many coping skills, the biggest one being self-compassion. My body and I are on the same team now."

- Kara

"My biggest piece of advice for anyone on their journey is: Trust the process! It will feel strange at first, especially in the earlier stages when you're trying fear foods or trying to recalibrate your hunger cues, but eventually, it all comes together."

"My biggest piece of advice for anyone on their journey is: Keep an open mind, and use the tools Erica offers. They do work! Also, feel free to communicate and share with her, you will be surprised by what you will process by saying your thoughts out loud."

"Now I'm able to eat and move on like it's no big deal. I can be present and enjoy time with my family and friends without secretly trying to look up calories."


- Kelsey

"I am grateful for all that Erica had offered. Her guidance and coaching really helped me, and most importantly she taught me to be kind to myself and acknowledge all the qualities I have."

"Thank you for everything you've done. Working with you has been life-changing and I truly can't thank you enough."

"I made peace with foods that I used to deem 'bad.' I enjoy my meals without overthinking them."


- Lauren

"Now I'm in a place where I'm happier, I am free, and I feel great about myself"


"This program completely changed my life. I am so much kinder to myself and others. I get so much more enjoyment out of my daily activities because I'm no longer obsessing about food."

- Courtney


Let's collaborate so you can discover an enjoyable, sustainable eating pattern without rigid rules. I'll provide the roadmap, tools, and support you need to focus on your health without stressing about food.


Through our virtual visits, you can expect a safe space to speak freely about your health and body concerns. No judgment or food police here!

At each session, we will celebrate your wins, work through challenges, and set specific weekly action items to progress you forward. Handouts, journaling exercises, and additional resources are provided based on your needs and preferences.

Let's get started!