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Group Coaching Experience


Let me know if anything here sounds familiar...

  • you tried every diet plan under the sun to control your eating and nothing has worked.

  • you feel like you know what you should eat, but can't seem to follow through.

  • negative self-talk like "I messed up again" floods your brain after you overeat.

  • you constantly think about food and worry about making the "wrong" choice.

  • you're afraid to keep "junk foods" in the house because you know you'll finish the whole bag in one day.

  • you hide wrappers and eat in secret to avoid judgment from others.


If you're nodding, I see you and you are not alone!

You've probably spent years believing that you need more willpower around food. You feel like you're constantly failing, falling off the bandwagon, and disappointing yourself.

Here's something you need to know: you are not the problem!

  • What if I told you that you don't lack willpower like you've been led to believe?

  • What if I told you that you're not failing?

  • What if I told you that it's possible to teach your body that is doesn't need to binge anymore?

Pull up a chair...let's chat about this!


The reason I know that you don't lack willpower is because binge eating has nothing to do with willpower.



Binge eating is a survival and coping mechanism that your body uses when it feels unsafe.


There are many possible reasons why your body may feel unsafe and turn to binge eating as the solution.



Feeling out of control and powerless around food is not your fault. Your body is trying to do its #1 job which is to protect you.

The good news is, it's possible to build trust with your body so it doesn't launch into survival mode around food and you can eat without blowing past your fullness cues. ​


I’ve helped over 100 women just like you end the restrict-binge-guilt cycle and eat without guilt and shame.


You CAN get a handle on your food cravings and repair your relationship with food.


Through my six-point proven Binge Freedom Method, I will teach you the exact steps you need to listen to your body without overthinking.




Learn the “why” behind your binge eating episodes so that you can stop blaming yourself and start healing from the root cause. 


Guilt and shame block your ability to listen to  hunger and fullness cues. Learn the mindset shifts needed to unlearn food guilt and shame so you're not spending hours ruminating about your weight.



Your body has reliable systems in place to help you feel hunger, fullness, and satisfaction. Learn how to recognize these innate signals and avoid the extremes. Your body is smarter than any calorie tracker!


Feel addicted to food? It doesn't have to be that way. I will show you how to reintroduce your trigger foods in a safe, systematic way step-by-step. You will be in the driver’s seat, not food. 



Learn how to build a positive relationship with your body (even if you hate it right now!) so you're no longer putting your life on hold until you lose weight.


 Discover how to satisfy your taste buds without sacrificing your health. Unlearn nutrition myths so you can nourish your body optimally.


The Binge Freedom Program is a group coaching experience that includes:

  • Weekly live calls where we celebrate your wins, identify barriers, and take action steps to keep you moving toward your goals.

  • A video module library where I walk you toward binge freedom step by step.

  • Custom workbook to hone your new skills so you can apply what you're learning to real life.

  • Chat support where you can receive guidance and accountability while connecting with a judgment-free community who gets what you're going through.


This program is for you if:

  • You are finally ready for an effective approach to break the restrict-binge cycle.

  • You want to stop obsessing about food and finally feel comfortable in your own skin.

  • You want to find balanced health without feeling deprived and obsessed with food.

  • You’re ready to start LIVING instead of worrying about calories, carbs, and points.


This program is NOT for you if:

  • you are not ready to invest in your health and wellbeing.

  • you want a quick-fix, cookie-cutter plan with short-term results.

  • you are looking for a program that focuses on weight loss and calorie restriction.




“I no longer restrict myself and therefore no longer binge. I enjoy my meals without overthinking them and understand and appreciate the difference between positive movement and exercise."


 "My relationship with food has changed because she's helped me understand and identify the why. Once knowing the why, with your help I was able to grow and learn to listen to my body. Food is no longer the enemy but fuel and eating is no longer anxiety-inducing but enjoyable."


“I completely changed the way I think about food and stopped placing strong moral feelings onto it. I would absolutely recommend this program to others” 

- Katelyn

  • How long is the program?
    The program is a 3 month commitment. Improving your relationship with food takes time, and it's important to me that you build long-lasting results. The last thing I want you to feel is overwhelemed and rushed! I will break down the process step-by-step so each week you are making progress. You are welcome to stay in the program longer than 3 months! Clients who see the most success work with me an average of 3-7 months.
  • Does this program actually work?
    If you feel skeptical about starting a new program, that is totally normal and okay! Think about how many times you've been burned in the past. Every diet plan and program has promised you weight loss yet it never worked longterm (this is not your fault!). So it's completely understandable if you feel unsure about starting another nutrition program. You don't want to be disappointed again and waste precious time and money. I totally get it! The Binge Freedom Program is different from any plan you've tried in the past because it's not a "quick fix." It's designed to work with your body rather than against it. I'm dedicated to your longterm success and have helped over 100 people move through this process. Clients who've graduated from my program YEARS ago still reach out to me and share how much happier and healthier they are now. What you put into this program is what you will get out. I encourage you to communicate with me throughout the coaching process, which allows me to tailor the program directly to your needs.
  • I'm not sure if I am bingeing or just overeating. Is this program for me?
    Whether you struggle with binge eating, overeating, and / or emotional eating, this program is designed to meet your needs! You will learn how to: -listen to your hunger and fullness cues so you can eat to a point of satisfaction. -build a positive body image. -get rid of food guilt and shame that takes up so much time and headspace. -eat without overthinking. -eat, enjoy, and move on with your day without obsessing about food. If you struggle in your relationship with food, you can benefit from this program. What's nice about 1:1 coaching is that the program can be tailored specifically to your needs.
  • I have PCOS. Is this program for me?
    Yes! PCOS nutrition is one of my areas of expertise. People with PCOS experience binge eating and overeating for specific reasons but rarely get the support they need from the medical system. Most people with PCOS are told to "just lose weight" and "go on birth control" to manage symptoms but this does not specifically address the horomonal imbalance or why binge eating is happening. The Binge Freedom program will teach you how to balance your hormones without dieting so that you can manage your PCOS symptoms and eat the foods you love without bingeing.
  • What if I want to lose weight?
    It's totally okay if you want to lose weight! Our society says that weight loss is the key to health and happiness. Many people experience discrimination in healthcare, professional, and public settings based on their weight so it's completely understandable why many have a goal to be smaller. In the Binge Freedom Program, we will hold space and compassion for your desire for weight loss while also creating sustainable and healthy behavior changes. Rather than using the scale to measure "success" or striving toward a specific weight number / range, our focus will be on creating a positive relationship with food so that you can eat in a way that honors your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Do you hold spots in your program?
    I have a limited number of 1:1 coaching spots available each month and they are available on a first come first serve basis. If you are on the fence about joining, I encourage you to complete the application and we can chat to see if we're a good fit. If my program isn't the right fit, I'd be happy to refer you to a coach who may be better suited. The most important thing to me is that you find the support you need to thrive!
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