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Binge Freedom Coaching

go from binge eating to intuitive eating
in 90 days



Does this sound familiar?

  • you're afraid to keep sweets in the house because it's impossible to just eat one portion. 

  • you're not sure how to listen to your hunger cues and stop eating at comfortable fullness.

  • you've tried every diet under the sun but nothing has worked longterm.

  • you want to be healthy without obsessing about calories, carbs, and weight 24/7.

  • after a binge you feel guilty and hide the food wrappers from loved ones.

  • you want to be able to eat "normally" without losing control but have no idea where to start. 

You are not alone!
And it's not your fault.

Binge eating is the most common form of disordered eating yet it is widely misunderstood (even by many healthcare professionals!)

Because society says that binge eating is a "willpower issue," most people spend years blaming themselves and never find lasting relief.

Which is why I created the Binge Freedom Program so you never have to start over on Monday again.

Imagine a life where...

you could eat one cookie without it turning into a full blown-binge.

you could listen to your hunger cues and put the chips away when you're comfortably full.


you stopped overthinking every food choice and could simply eat, enjoy, and move on with your day without chronic guilt.

Introducing the 

Binge Freedom Method

a personalized coaching experience taking you from binge eating to intuitive eating without restricting the foods you love.

when you enroll in the program you receive...

1:1 Coaching Calls

Each week we celebrate your wins, work through challenges, and create a specific action plan so you move toward your binge freedom goals without getting overwhelmed.

Personal Chat Support

Have a question between calls? No need to wait until our next session! Message me directly with unlimited text coaching and get the support you need to thrive all week.

Binge Freedom
Video Library

You get full access to my signature self-paced online course, the Binge Freedom Method. Through step-by-step video trainings, a custom workbook, and personal tool box you will learn how to listen to your hunger and fullness cues, meal plan without obsession, build a positive body image, and more.

Why this program is different from anything you've tried in the past

Proven to Work Longterm

The reason diets have failed you time and time again is because they are restrictive and not compatable with our biology.


Unlike a "quick fix" protocol that only works for 30 days, the Binge Freedom Program will give you tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I've helped over 100 people overcome binge eating with this method.


My framework combines up-to-date nutrition science with the principles of Intuitive Eating so you can pursue health without fear-mongering food claims.


Binge eating is a survival mechanism, not a sign of low willpower. Most nutrition programs actually trigger bingeing by advising you to count points and restrict your portions.


But when we work together, you will learn how to address the root cause of your binges without restriction so you can break the cycle for good.


ADHDers and Autistic folks experience specific binges triggers that most neurotypical programs do not address. In the Binge Freedom Program you will learn how to work with your brain rather than against it. 

Hear From Graduates of
the Program!

"Now I'm able to eat and move on like it's no big deal. I can be present and enjoy time with my family and friends without secretly trying to look up calories."


- Kelsey

"I made peace with foods that I used to deem 'bad.' I enjoy my meals without overthinking them."


- Lauren

"Now I'm in a place where I'm happier, I am free, and I feel great about myself"


Meet your coach

Hi, I'm Erica!

I help recovering perfectionists break free from the binge-restrict cycle and develop a positive relationship with food through Intuitive Eating.


For 10 years, food and health anxiety consumed my life. What began as a genuine desire to be healthy led me to orthorexia, gut issues, and binge eating. My social life, professional life, and health all suffered as I pursued "perfect eating."


Once I finally recovered, I realized that my obsession with food caused me to miss out on so much in life. While starting my career as a registered dietitian, I discovered just how prevalent disordered eating is and that so many people are trapped in a cycle of bingeing, guilt, and shame with no tools to escape.

That's why I created the Binge Freedom Program: to help people like you create a balanced, healthy relationship with food. This is the program I wish I had during my recovery.


It's time for you to overcome binge eating so you can pursue the life of your dreams on your own terms. 



Your Next Steps

Complete the application form to schedule your free 30 minute strategy call. We'll chat about your health goals and create a plan of action to help you reach them.

I'm also happy to share more information about my approach so we can see if we're a good fit to work together.

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